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About Car Shades Kenya

Buying a car is always exciting. It gives you a sense of happiness that is unlike buying other things. Imagine you are zooming out of the car bazaar or dealership with your new shiny ride with an impeccable interior and exterior alike. All eyes on the road are on your ride and you are happy. As you pass by other vehicles it hits you that some of those that do not have the same finish as your car are not even that old. But, they look dilapidated and faded. You do not want to find yourself in that position anytime soon. You want to maintain the finish of your car for as long as possible. So what could be the problem with these other vehicles? It's all because of where they park their cars, which is why you need our car parking shades.

Benefits of using our car parking shades

If you want to maintain the finish of your car then you should always park it under a car parking shade. The shade keeps harmful UV radiation at bay protecting your car's finish. Also, the shade protects the car from rain which also increases corrosion and causes damage to the car. A shade is important because it also protects the car from getting dents, dings and scratches from falling objects like tree branches, twigs, dust and other such items.

Why Trust US For your Car Parking Shades?

Excellence –our company is committed to excellence. We use the best quality materials for the cover to ensure that your car is completely protected. Our covers are water proof, wear resistant, durable, low maintenance and keep UV radiation away. They offer the maximum protection for your car while lasting for long. We do not neglect the structure either. It is made sturdy, strong and of durable materials.

Experience – we have been in the industry for long and have offered car parking solutions to many clients before. We therefore know what we are doing and will advise you accordingly while using our expertise to deliver the very best for you.

We offer great prices - most people worry that car parking shades are expensive/. But we offer custom shades to suit your needs and also suit your budget. With our great variety of products you will always get something that suits you.

We value all our customers – for us there isn't a small or big customer. We value all our customers and provide quick turnaround time regardless of the size of your project. What's more we never relent on quality. We always provide superior quality car parking shades.

Custom designs – we do not only have pre-engineered car parking shades because we know not all the sites and locations require the same shade. We work with you to deliver whatever goals you might have for you space and also provide a product that best suits your space.

If you need car parking shades you can contact us and we will be there for you. We will visit your site immediately and offer you the best solution. We also work with our clients throughout the project from the beginning to the very end and offer warranty for the work we do. Why not give us a try today?