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  • UV stabilised polyethene shade net ensuring maximum protection of upto 98% sun block out.
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About Car Shades Kenya

We are currently the leading supplier of car parking shades in Kenya. Our products can be applied from office parks to residential areas, from car wash to car dealerships. Our carport shades will provide your car with effective protection from both sun and rain. They also serve as an alternative to a conventional garage.

If you require car ports, shade ports, sun shades, car awnings and canopies, contacts today for the best quotes.

Our Price List

Car Parking Shade For: Size Metres) Area Size (M2) Price Ksh. (100% waterproof Shade net)
1 Car 3.5 by 5.5M 19.25 sq m Ksh 112,000
2 Cars 5.5 M by 5.5M 30.3 sq m Ksh 165,000
3 Cars 8 M by 5.5M 44 sq m Ksh 240,000
4 Cars 10.5 M by 5.5M 57.8 sq m Ksh 275,000
5 Cars 13 M by 5.5M 71.5 sq m Ksh 340,000
6 Cars 15 M by 5.5M 82.5 sq m Ksh 390,000

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Choosing The Best

Car Shades Company in Kenya

Car parking shades are an important investment for any home or business with a car. Leaving your car uncovered brings about so many problems making the car look old and faded while also bringing about other problems. It is therefore advisable to always have your car in under a car parking shade. This article is going to explain to you why you need to use car parking shades, how to find reliable car parking shades companies in Kenya, car parking shades prices and what makes quality car parking shades.

Why use car parking shades?

There are several reasons why you should invest in a car parking shade for your car. Here are some of the reasons why;

Protection from the weather elements – the different weather elements can really do some damage on your car's finish. First consider the sun. Due to pollution the ozone layer has been eroded and is now known to let in harmful ultraviolet radiation to reach the earth. This radiation can cause the color of your car to fade right off. It also penetrates through the glass window causing the interior of your car to heat up like an oven. This causes further destruction to the interior of your car making it look dilapidated and battered. You do not want that to happen and you can keep the harmful UV radiation and intense sun away from your vehicle using a car parking shade.

Then there is the rain. A shower on your car here and there might be harmless. However if your car is always on the rain there is a high probability that water will seep into the little spaces, scratches and dents on your car and start causing corrosion. Remember also our country is very polluted and most of the urban places like Nairobi receive acid rain. As the name suggests this kind of rain is not your usual clean water rain from the heavens. It will make your car corrode, and quickly for that.

Protection from dents and scratches – take the scenario where there isn't a parking shade in your office and everyone arrives early to take the spot under the tree, next to the covered parking spot of the boss of course. This may seem like a good thing to do because you are protecting your car from direct sunlight but do you know you are putting it right under other dangers. Birds will most probably hang around the tree and will therefore do their business on your car. Their droppings are acidic and they will cause your paint job to lose the shine. What's more, tree branches, nuts, seeds and fruits will fall on your car causing dents and scratches.

How to choose reliable car parking shades companies in Kenya

So you have decided to get a car parking shade and naturally the first place where your search takes you is on the internet. You search for car parking shades in Nairobi or car parking shades companies in Kenya and the results overwhelm you. How do you choose amongst all these companies that all promise to provide the best car shades for your needs? Here is how you can choose reliable car parking shades companies in Kenya.

Due diligence – a lot of due diligence should be done on your part to settle for the most reliable company. First you can consult with other people that might have installed a car parking shade before and get the word of mouth advice on how the shade is performing and their experiences working with the company. Also, ensure that you check through most of the companies you find online.

Reputation and experience – go for a company that has a good standing reputation and with experience in making quality car parking shades. While online you can tell so much about a company with their website. Is it professionally made? Does it contain reliable information like the one you are reading now? Do they have contact information and do they respond when you contact them? Also get to know if they have carried out a project like the one that you need.

Warranties – another thing you need to look out for is warranties. A reliable company is one that will stand with their work. Ensure that the company you choose gives reliable warranties on their products. Usually warranties for car parking shades start from 10 years depending of course on the type of structure you have chosen.

Variety – a great company is one that offers a variety of car parking shades. They should be able to offer custom solutions based on your site and maybe what you envision the car parking shade to be like. They should also offer pre-engineered designs that can be used where space allows. The company should also be able to cater for different customers, offering services to individuals that want just a single shade or for businesses that require multiple or mass car coverage solutions. Further, the company should offer different designs. A wide variety of products also means different car shade prices in Kenya because not all the products can cost the same.

Qualities of a great car parking shade

The covering material – the covering material is of great importance because it offers direct protection to the vehicle. First of all it should be waterproof to keep the rain away. It should also be UV resistant to keep the harmful radiation at bay. Some of the materials used for the cover that provide the best qualities include; PVC (poly vinyl chloride), PTFE (Poly tetra flouro ethylene), FRP (fiber glass reinforced), GRP and many others. Most of these materials are durable, heat resistant, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and wear resistant.

The structure – the quality covering material needs a stable structure to hold it in place. Remember the cover is usually under tension which can easily cause it to crumble. The structure should be stable and strong. It should be sturdy and not wobble with strong winds. It should also be long lasting and should be made with a great finish for improving the aesthetic appearance of your parking lot.

Design – the design should be ingenious and should show style and quality. There are many designs that can be used including; sail designs, canopies, wave design, double bay and so many others.

If you value your car, which of course you do then it is time to invest in a car parking shade.